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Finally… Google Apps is no longer a second class citizen

Google is now adding support for Picasa, Google Reader, AdWords, News, Finance, and other products for Google Apps.

This is a good move on Googles part. It’s been a long bug-bear of mind to keep an apps account, gmail account and google account for all my services. I just hope I can roll my existing google account into my google apps account withoout too many hassles.

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The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?

Will it come with a complimentary vial of eye drops?

I have no doubt that Apple will soon release a revolutionary new product that will change the way we interact with friends and family online. I believe this device will be the primary way that you interface with social media outlets. It will have a wonderful colour touch screen with a revolutionary new interface that will take your social media to another level – Apple might even throw in an RSS reader that “changes everything”. Continue reading “The Apple tablet will not be an eBook reader?” »