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How I fixed my dead wireless Apple bluetooth Keyboard… with steel wool

For the last year I have been without my constant Apple companion… my bluetooth wireless keyboard. I never left home without it until one day a year ago it just stopped working, for no reason. It was out cold, dead and lifeless, like a piece of lifeless space junk it drifted… around my desk, bedroom, top draw, bottom draw till finally rested for months in a plastic container with all my other dead end gadgets.

Until one day I did a google search to see if anyone else had the same issue!

Fortunately someone else had the same problem, asking the same question I had in a forum somewhere “why is my wireless keyboard dead?”. Everyone had a possible answer, batteries. No!

The issue wasn’t actually with dead batteries but with the contact that the batteries made inside the keyboard. Apparently over time the springs ware out a bit, much like Grandma’s old spring mattress and need a bit of help to make the difference.

The fix? Grab some steel wool from the kitchen and tear off a small piece, take out the batteries and pop in the steel wool, put the batteries back in and it should work!

Failing all else (and I do think this is a last resort) take it in to your nearest Apple store for a warranty claim.