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Finally… Google Apps is no longer a second class citizen

Google is now adding support for Picasa, Google Reader, AdWords, News, Finance, and other products for Google Apps.

This is a good move on Googles part. It’s been a long bug-bear of mind to keep an apps account, gmail account and google account for all my services. I just hope I can roll my existing google account into my google apps account withoout too many hassles.

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Recent google searches on

I managed to find this interesting page on the forum.

Interestingly enough it popped up in a google search!

I would say it’s a page one of the developers stuck up as a helpful way of showing what visitors have searched for on google over the last 2 minutes.

There are literally hundreds of search phrases and the corresponding page link.

I’m not sure if they intended the page to be indexed by google, a simple noindex meta tag would fix that.

Here it is:
(Note: This link no longer works)


Facebook Lite… What is it?

I just got an invite “selected” to try out Facebook Lite!

I have know idea what it is, the link redirects me back to the regular version.

I have a few thoughts about it though:

  • It’s Facebook’s answer to Twitter
  • It integrates into their recent acquisition of Friendfeed
  • It makes it easy to “broadcast” parts of your Facebook profile and feed on the public Internet

I don’t know how close I am, I will have to find out more!

Kaltura – Video Bloging from WITHIN WordPress admin!!

I have been testing Kaltura for the last few days, it’s pretty good and allows the user to very easily post video using a webcam right in the WordPress admin panel.

[kaltura-widget wid=”mz5n22mq0w” width=”260″ height=”252″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ align=”center” /]

WordPress 2.3.3 and plugins update

I just did a major update of over the easter long weekend.

  1. Finally moved from my account to my own vps server
  2. Installed WordPress 2.3.3 with fantastico!
  3. Installed the latest following plugins:
    1. Adsense Delux – 0.8
    2. AVC FLV-Player – 2.5.5
    3. Akismet – 2.1.4
    4. All-In-One-SEO-Pack –
    5. Google Analyticator – 2.1
    6. Google Sitemaps – 3.0.3
    7. reCAPTCHA – 2.6
    8. ShiftThis | Newsletter  – 2.2.6
    9. Twitter Widget – 1.5
    10. wp-cache – 2.1.2
  4. Installed TwitterBerry on my blackberry
  5. Botched up my permalinks
  6. Decided to keep them the way they are now (not sure how this will effect my google ranking and the ol’ google cache)
  7. Installed the excellent Silhouette by wordpress themer legend Brian Gardner (Designed the awesome Revolution theme set)

A few things to do:

  1. Make a few adjustments to Silhouette in the columns for my own specific widgets
  2. Find a suitable ajax search widget / plugin that works with silhouette

It’s been well worth the reset! I have been meaning to move for ages now since I got my own vps server.

I saw an iPhone in the flesh today!

Os Hillman slipped his iPhone out of his left pocket this morning and showed it around to us poor ignorant Aussie’s down here with no iPhones. Funnily enough he didn’t gloat one bit, and he was so nice about it! I didn’t get to touch it, maybe I will get to touch one when Brett Moller finally get around to buying a hacked one on eBay for me to play with! – self esteem and self help guide

I have been working a great new site for my old landlord and now client Bryce Roadley. is starting to look really awesome, we have been putting alot of work into it the last few weeks and I’m excited to see how it will go as a full membership site.

We a using amember, a membership management system to manage what we hope will be a large subscription based site in the (near) future. Also, we are using the excellent 1shoppingcart service for payment and ecart plus their extraordinary auto-responder system. Finally, we are using Joomla for the content management system (CMS) and a variety of Joomla extensions for managing content and making the site SEF (Search engine friendly) and SEO (search engine optimized).

I have been really impressed with the volume of content about a variety of issues such as overcoming fear, self esteem, attitude and leadership that Bryce has been feeding into the site. You can tell he’s very passionate about the subject matter and really wants to see people step confidently into an abundant life.

Make sure you stop by and pick up the free PDF eBook by filling in the form in the top right corner of the site.

iPod Nano hookup!

Ok, it’s official, as a special treat for myself paying off alot of debt, I’m buying myself a new iPod Nano. Now I will be able to enjoy video on the trot! Podcasts and movies and TV shows and stuff!

So just for those of you who think they way you do (you know who you are), I am NOT getting into more debt to have the latest iPod!

Charity Computers

Hi Just spent two days with a fellow Pastor Ian Rumsey at Charity Computers in our nations capital.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but to say I was blown away when we entered their massive warehouse was an understatement!

I was the size of two tennis courts and stacked with pallet after pallet of donated computers!

They source their computers from Industry and Government and then refurbish the machines which are then sold or given away to other not-for-profit organisations or needy individuals or families in the community.

It’s an amazing way for the church to connect with the community and help people get a computer when it’s financially impossible for say a single parent family to afford a new PC.